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We are currently improving our online booking system.

Associated companies, Hawkair Aviation & Central Mountain Air wish to announce they will be combining Passenger Reservations systems effective January 5th, 2016. The new single platform, Central Mountain Air, will combine both travel networks to allow thru passenger and baggage travel, interline connections, and redemption of AirMiles.

While we will try to make this transition as smooth as possible we do expect some issues along the way. If you require assistance, please contact our Reservations Department at 1-888-865-8585. Central Mountain Air and Hawkair appreciate your patience during this transition. Thank you!

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Identification Requirements


Remember all travellers must have their ID to travel.
All travellers who appear 18 years and older are required, during check in and boarding at the gate, to present one piece of valid government-issued photo ID showing your name, date of birth and gender. If you don’t have a valid government-issued photo ID, then two pieces of valid government-issued non-photo ID are required, and one of them must show your name, date of birth and gender.

Transport Canada does not require ID for passengers under the age of 18, however we do recommend that every passenger have some form of ID when they are travelling.

Accepted valid government-issued photo ID and non-photo ID:

  • Passport
  • Citizenship card
  • Permanent-resident card
  • Driver’s licence
  • Provincial health card
  • Provincial/territorial government identification cards (GIC)
  • Birth certificate
  • Record of Landing Form/Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM 5292)
  • Immigration documents issued to foreign nationals (e.g., Work Permit, Study Permit, Visitor Record, Temporary Resident Permit, Refugee Approved Status)
  • Canadian military ID
  • Federal police ID
  • Federal, provincial and municipal government employee ID card
  • Social insurance number (SIN) card
  • Old Age Security (OAS) identification card
  • Certificate of Indian Status (Status card) issued by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC)
  • Canada Border Services Agency NEXUS card
  • Restricted Area Identity Card (RAIC or Red Pass)

For more information on the type of identification that is accepted for air travel, visit:

Students over the age of 18
Must have a valid , picture, student ID along with there vaild issued goverment identification.

Children and Infants RequirementsTransport Canada does not require ID for passengers under the age of 18, however we do recommend that every passenger have some form of ID when they are travelling.

For domestic travel, you may use a birth certificate, birth record, birth registry document or health care card (with birth date) for your children. We’ll also accept photocopies.

At check-in we will ask for ID for infants who have not yet reached the age of two and are travelling for free. Birth certificates, passports, care cards, and status cards are examples of acceptable forms of ID. If ID is not present at check-in and an infant’s age called into question we will charge for a seat, but will gladly refund that seat in full if ID is produced after the fact.