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Associated companies, Hawkair Aviation & Central Mountain Air wish to announce they will be combining Passenger Reservations systems effective January 5th, 2016. The new single platform, Central Mountain Air, will combine both travel networks to allow thru passenger and baggage travel, interline connections, and redemption of AirMiles.

While we will try to make this transition as smooth as possible we do expect some issues along the way. If you require assistance, please contact our Reservations Department at 1-888-865-8585. Central Mountain Air and Hawkair appreciate your patience during this transition. Thank you!

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A Day in the Life of an Aviation Manager: Sonya Gill

Hawkair Director of Operations Sonya Gill

Hawkair team member Sonya Gill shares what a typical day looks like as Director of Operations

To describe a typical day for me is difficult as in Aviation Operations each day can be very different!

Generally, I start each morning doing a quick check of my emails and calendar before I head to the office for the day. This way I am prepared for what I will walk into that day, how smooth things are running at that point, as by the time I get to the office operations has been in full swing for already 4-5 hours.

“Ensuring both daily and future operations are run in a safe and efficient manner, getting our guests to where they need to be

08:40 Leave the house for the day and head to the office. One of the things I enjoy about working at our head office in Terrace is that my commute is only 10 minutes.
09:00 Morning walk around to the individual departments under the operations umbrella. We all work very closely, so have the ability to talk face to face on a daily basis. This is where I form my first idea of how my day will pan out.  My first check-in is usually to the Flight Dispatcher on duty as they have usually been in the office since early am – reviewing items such as aircraft serviceability, crew scheduling integrity, weather issues, technical issues or any foreseeable issues we may encounter that day and minimising any operational impact.
09:30 If there are no immediate issues that need my attention and I do not have any meetings scheduled, I usually close my office door for the next few 2-3 hours to allow me to focus on my administrative tasks. I respond to emails, review the daily crew reports for any follow-up required, continue working on any ongoing projects, tasks, or regulatory requirements. Although the list can be never-ending, as Director of Operations my first priority is to anticipate and manage any issues that may cause disruption to Hawkair’s daily operations.
13:00 Throughout the day I communicate regularly with my operations team, working closely with them, ensuring both daily and future operations are run in a safe and efficient manner, getting our guests to where they need to be.
16:30 Days seem to fly by in the office, never a dull moment or without a challenge! The afternoon arrives before I know it. I do a final review of any items that need to be addressed before I leave for the day.   I brief with the Dispatchers to identify any anticipated issues for the remainder of the day’s operations and help put a plan in place if necessary.
17:00 Head home for the day. Most days I remain available on-call, as the Duty Manager for the evening, as a first contact for our Dispatchers for assistance with any weather interruptions, operational issues, or other unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

My job is a varied role and no two days are the same. I deal with multiple departments, people and problems on a daily basis. I am fortunate work with a fantastic team! The people and the variety are the reasons why I enjoy working in aviation!